Russian bastard Ivan Drago confirmed for Creed II

Sylvester Stallone has been busy at work on the follow-up to Ryan Coogler’s fantastic Creed. On Friday evening, the Italian Stallion himself hit up Instagram to announce that he’s nearly complete with the script. Yes, it would appear Stallone has taken it upon himself to write the screenplay this time around, giving Coogler and his Creed co-writerAaron Covington a break at the typewriter.

Of course, the real left hook of the announcement was that Ivan Drago will be involved in the sequel. No, no, no, you heard that right: Dolph Lundgren‘s cold-blooded Russian killer from Rocky IV, aka the man who put down Carl Weathers’ Apollo Creed, aka Michael B. Jordan‘s on-screen father, will appear to likely try and screw up whatever happy existence Adonis has for himself.

Here’s the post

Instagram Photo

Right now, it’s kind of up in the air as to when we can expect the sequel, seeing how Coogler is wrapping up work on Black Panther and is also concurrently developing a drama with Jordan titled Wrong Answer. Originally, MGM wanted the sucker out this November, but that obviously didn’t pan out. But now that the script’s almost ready

Well, we might see Apollo’s prodigal son return as soon as next year.

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