Happy to learn how to play the drums

Happy to learn how to play the drumsMy brother left us here in Adelaide to work in another city. It was good news for me since I would have more room for myself as well as I get to finally enjoy playing the drums without disturbing him. The drums originally belonged to a friend of my father but eventually, he gave it for us to keep. I have been playing with the idea of learning how to play the drums for some time but have not had a chance to do so because of our living set up. Now that I have my own space and lots of free time I can finally take up practicing seriously. I first tried learning from videos I found online but eventually gave up on those when it became to complicated for me to follow. After that, I tried getting help from my dad but that did not help much since our schedules are mostly conflicting. Finally, I decided to seek professional help and started looking for classes here in Adelaide. I started browsing for groups online but I hesitated to join since most of them are for experienced drummers. Fortunately, I found a site that helped me find a suitable drum class within my area. Once I finished typing in some details, I was able to find a class that can accommodate my schedule. I now attended four classes already and I am having a great time. I learned the basics right away and was able to feel more comfortable with the people around me. I guess learning the drums made me more sociable in a way. Now I have met a few new friends and I am excited to continue on with my journey in learning how to play the drums.




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