The Piano helps me study

The Piano helps me studyI watched a piano performance last night in a lounge here in Perth.


I was fascinated by how the sound of a piano can be so pleasing to hear at the same time it was not distracting. I am not saying that the piano deserves to be a background sound all the time but I find it nice to be able to listen to something and to not be distracted by it.


I did some looking around the net and found that piano music can be a helpful study aid. It can be used to enhance focus and concentration while preparing for an exam and it can make routine chores seem less tiresome. Needless to say, I gave piano as a background music a chance.


It works! I was able to focus more on my studies and I did feel more energetic whenever I do my house chores. I am trying to incorporate more kinds of music like this into my collection and hopefully, with a little more research I can build a nice solid playlist.


I also noticed that with some piano pieces kind of made feel relaxed, almost in a state of being sleepy. I am going to give it a go as a sleeping aid as well, maybe it can improve my sleeping habit since I have a nasty coffee habit and tend to stay up a lot. Growing up here in Perth really exposed me to different kinds of musical influences, and it is nice to discover something as universal as the piano to have a big effect on my lifestyle. I guess I should try to explore the musical scene here, who knows maybe I will find another type of music I could enjoy. Does the piano have the same effect to you like it has to on me? Tell me about it, let me know.


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