Inspired to Learn the Drums

Inspired to Learn the DrumsAfter watching Whiplash, which is, by the way, a great movie, it got me thinking how dedicated some musicians can be. That movie made it seemed that all that mattered in life was music and the drums. I reflected on whether I have something in my life that I am that passionate about. I can play the guitar but I have to confess, I never really felt connected to it. Never invested that much time in practicing either. Maybe the guitar is not the best instrument for me.


When I watched the movie, it really made playing the drum exciting. After looking around online, it turns out drums are really an exciting instrument. It gets your blood pumping just thinking about it.


I have no idea how to start learning how to play the drum as of the moment, but there are a lot of classes here in Brisbane I could take.


I am just starting saving up cash just to purchase a decent drum set.


Hopefully, if all goes well I can learn how to play it as soon as possible. I really feel excited about this, but for now, all I can do is listen to music and look for more inspiration. This movie Whiplash not only is a great movie to any who likes to play the drums, it is also an awesome movie for those who have no idea how intense playing the drums is. It totally opened my mind that drums have a whole story of its own.


I am just thankful that living here in Brisbane, having access to music stores and drum classes, I can easily start learning how to play the drums. It is only a matter of time til I save enough money and start the class. Hopefully all works out!


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