Getting down with the kids: children review music\’s top tips for 2016

Introducing her son to her favourite music got Jude Rogers thinking about children?s relationship to pop. She talks music with a panel of kids – and gets them to rate the latest next big things

My first memory is of music. I?m two-and-a-half, standing on a stool in my grandmother?s kitchen; she has let me help her wash the dishes, which is quite the grown-up honour. I am spinning records in the sink ? essentially circling the water with a cleaning brush ? because the music on the radio has moved me so much. ?Trou-per-per! Trou-per-per!? the song goes, brightly. I am shining like the sun, feeling like a number one.

On that dull autumn afternoon, in a small Swansea scullery, began a little girl?s 35-year (to date) love affair with ABBA, and a connection with Super Trouper that would grow through her life (Teens: wow, it?s about touring! Twenties: it?s about the essential melancholy of fame! Thirties: God, how did they all cope doing songs like this while they were divorcing?).

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